nekodex is the alias of Australian-born music producer Jamie Taylor. Currently living in the heart of Tokyo, he is a software developer by day, but moonlights making music. (This site is dedicated to his music.)

Best known for his work on the main themes (and various seasonal variants) for the music rhythm game "osu!", nekodex has been releasing music since 2012. His first project was the creation of the main and menu themes for "osu!stream", an iOS spinoff of the popular "osu!". This marked the start of his many musical contributions to the "osu!" family of games.

Since then, he has expanded his musical horizons across a multitude of genres, releasing one-offs and contributing guest tracks to various doujin music circles, including Diverse System and Kusemono Records.


To contact nekodex in regards to commission work (video game music, remixes, guest tracks, other interesting projects, etc), feel free to email him at [email protected]. You can check out his SoundCloud for an idea of the range of genres he has produced, but he is always open to new challenges.

music usage

Hi there, nekodex here. I get a bunch of questions about whether I'm okay with people using my music for stuff. Plenty of people assume that if something is "free for download", that copyright doesn't apply to it. However, that ain't true.

Having said that, I'm generally fine with people using anything I've released for free (stuff tagged "free-dl"on this site) for non-commercial use (e.g. non-monetised content) with proper crediting. Do let me know though, I'm interested in what people do with my music :).

For commercial use, email me and I'll let you know. (If it's just something like an outro bit for YouTube or something, I'll probably be fine with it).

Other stuff (e.g. commissioned/guest tracks) is a bit more complicated and I can't just blanket allow usage of those, unfortunately. Hit me up though, and I'll see what I can do!