I've been sitting quietly on these remakes since late 2018 - but now with the osu!stream revamp out, I can finally reveal them!

It was certainly an experience to go back to something I'd made so long ago, with the goal of completely tearing apart and reimagining from the ground up. I tried to keep what I felt was the core of the themes, whilst also trying to dial things up to 11 where I could.

I'd like to think my production ability has improved just a little bit since I first made those original themes... *looks at watch* ...nine(?!) years ago?? and that my experience over the years has led to worthy remakes. Hopefully you will enjoy my new spin on those old themes!

Will be available on Bandcamp immedietely, and then appear over the next week or so on your favourite store/streaming service.

(also comes with loopable versions and the originals for those feeling nostalgic)


  1. Main Theme 2.0 (Full Version) [01:45]
  2. Song Select 2.0 (Loop) [01:12]
  3. Score Screen 2.0 (Loop) [00:55]
  4. Main Theme 2.0 (Intro) [00:03]
  5. Main Theme 2.0 (Loop) [01:36]
  6. Main Theme (Full Version) [01:48]
  7. Song Select (Loop) [01:12]
  8. Score Screen (Loop) [00:55]
  9. Main Theme (Intro) [00:03]
  10. Main Theme (Loop) [01:36]